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Our commitment

LASTAGE is one of the most eco friendly company in the boardsports industry. All has been built around the nature respect. Have an eye below on our main efforts :

By using only 100 % organic cotton :

Organic cotton cultivation is the most polluting of the Earth : it uses 25% from all insecticides and 11% from all pesticides while it represents only 2,5 % of the World growing.  Greatest number consumers perceive cotton as a natural and comfortable product, it provides around 50% of total fiber’s needs.

Using Organic cotton means refusing pesticides, chemical bone meals, and defoliant uses. It contributes to respect worker’s health as well as ground water.

Lastage chooses to collaborate with involved supplier in the best eco friendly (EKO, GOTS, carbon foot print, water foot print) and social (Jo-In program) labels.

All prints are without plastisol and lead. A carbon assessment has been realized and is available just here (unfortunately only in french !)

Lastage set up a recycling program with old clothes and put in place recycling boxes in the shops chosen in order to salvage. Once collected, these old clothes are selected then given to non-profit organization or recycled as insulator for house.

By using recycled polyester : 

Lastage’s boardshort are in recycled polyester (PET bottle recycled). A reprocessing field for this material has been put in place and a recycling program is in process. Do not hesitate to send us your old boardshorts  to make new !